Did all the male speakers at the Platform Nigeria, including the host Pastor Poju Oyemade wear only black?

What’s that supposed to mean?

Don’t you know that black colour connotes evil, darkness and despair?

For your mind, abi? ‘Am sure you have never heard that black colour also connotes authority, power and confidence?

Of black power, you mean?

What a shame!

What do you mean?

So you don’t get it?

Get what?

Did you sit through all the sessions?

The female speakers were on point. Did you notice their different hairstyles? I know two of the male speakers wore hats – Charles O’tudor and Kunle Sorinyan but I could never forget those dresses by Jumoke Adenowo and Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

Apparently, you saw the sessions

Of course, I did

And those were the only things you remembered about the conference?

Is that what you think?

Prove me wrong

I didn’t take down any notes

Like seriously? Did you attend the conference in person or watched it online?

Does it matter how I attended the conference? I said I didn’t take down any notes.

Do you own a business?

No. Why?

Because you would know that another reason the male speakers dressed in black was because black colour connotes certainty and intelligence, among others. Those qualities are very critical to the success of every entrepreneur’s journey

You are not insulting me, are you? I thought you were going to tell me what I missed because I didn’t take down any notes.

I see you don’t gerrit. Forgerrit!

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