Who’s Pep Guardiola’s Coach?

Human beings will always be human beings. Because his team lost the match to Real Madrid on Wednesday, all of you, haters like shark smelling blood, are rushing for the ‘kill.’ You wish that the defeat would knock the momentum from him completely so that he will concede the other trophies to you. Leave the man alone!

My question contained only four words yet you unleashed all of that on me?

I will unleash more. Haven’t you heard that the best way to show solidarity with the grieving or bereaved, is your silence? Visit them but don’t say any word in fake consolation. Just be silent. Cut out completely all that hypocritical nonsense of “I know how you feel.” You don’t know Jack!

What are we going to do about Pep?

We? You and who? We know where the cheer and spark that Pep needs is going to come from; not from pretenders who secretly gloat over the current situation.

You’re being unfair. Besides, it was only a game and a winner must emerge one way or another. I had my money on German Champions, Bayern Munich, but they were knocked out by Villareal FC, who were themselves knocked out by Jurgen Klopp’s boys

I just knew it! Jurgen Klopp’s boys. Let a man talk long enough and you will see where his heart and loyalty lie

You are taking it too far

And you are not? Have you been reading some comments of fans of Jurgen Klopp’s boys, as you now call them?

Did any of them ask who Pep’s coach is? I mean someone that would help him effectively handle the conflicting emotions that he’s dealing with at the moment

I don’t know

Are you sure? Or are you so riled up by the loss that you’re finding it hard to identify expressions of genuine concern about how Pep may handle this moment in a way that is good for his mental health?

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