Do people kill easily because it takes only 5pounds of pressure on the trigger to do so?

What is the formula for understanding what happens in the mind of a killer just before they pull the trigger? What are the underlying foundations upon which the desire to take another life swiftly is laid? What contributions do a preoccupation with personal rights make in this whole killing enterprise? What other seemingly vague questions should one add to the list before the arduous task of finding simple, reasonable and relevant answers begin?

Perhaps we should start by attempting an answer to the question, which is the title of today’s post. Many viewers of Equalizer 2, which featured award winning American actor, Denzel Washington, got to know that only 5 pounds of pressure on the trigger is what is required to harm, maim or kill.

Five pounds of pressure is something most people can muster within a short time. Just a signal to the muscles concerned to contract. Only a little effort. Like the fabled feather that, when added to the other items, broke the camel’s back. Like the little foxes that spoil the vine. Like the dead fly that destroys the smell of the apothecary.

Those who created the trigger have furthered the philosophy that a small rudder must control the ship; a rein the horse’s large body and a mouth, the emotions of how we feel.

Lovers of power and complicated systems have their controls and enablers built simply. And the conditions that make for a killing spree have been enhanced by how easily a life can be taken. The remedy must itself factor in a process that eliminates those conditions that make a killing spree possible. Rounding it off with an equally simple action. That kicks the reverse into motion. What simple actions opposite the pulling of a trigger are within your reach. What kind of motivation do you require to make the move?

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