Did the clash between Man City and Atletico Madrid players following Felipe’s dig on Foden echo the slap?

No, the clash did not echo the slap?

Why do you think the clash was not an echo of the slap?

Because I want you to leave the matter of the slap alone. it is becoming boring

Yet you brought up the matter of the slap in your intervention last Saturday when you briefly discussed the Man City vs Liverpool FC match

There was a purpose to that intervention. I wanted to call attention to what I consider the most crucial idea in the entire slapping episode, which was what Will Smith said Denzel Washington told him.

And what is the purpose behind your current discourse?

In a world where the sense of competitiveness has grown in leaps and bounds, we must intentionally and deliberately design systems and mechanisms to let off steam from time to time, or other forces that do not use the same paradigms for sophistication and panache as we do, will intervene and compel us to let out some steam as we go along. Go back to the match. The stakes were high as was the tension in the stands. It was inevitable that a huge reaction would follow any seemingly innocuous challenge during the game. Something (the kind of goals that take away whatever fight is left in the losing side) was required to take some of the tension away before the referee signaled the final whistle. But the goals did not come while the tension continued to build. But the moment came when Atletico Madrid’s centre-back Felipe took a dig at Phil Foden. The reaction was instant. Like air leaving an inflated balloon, the rush by some of the players at one another was a reminder to close observers that rage stalks the spirit of competitiveness, like a shadow.

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