How humble is Elon Musk? 10 ‘Humility Capsules’ from his recent interview with Chris Anderson at TED2022

Being humble means having or showing a modest estimation of one’s importance!

While examining some of the comments, which billionaire founder of Tesla and Spacex, Elon Musk, gave Chris Anderson during his recent interview at TED 2022, we deduced 10 ‘humility capsules,’ or pointers that possibly reveal his humility quotient within the context of the subjects covered by the interview.

Below are the 10 ‘Humility Capsules’:

  1. “…I don’t want to blow your mind but I’m not always right” (2:10)
  2. “… Obviously we’ve got to be careful that this doesn’t become a dystopian situation… I think it’s going to be important to have safety features like that… And I do think there should be a regulatory agency for that. I don’t like being regulated but I think this (regulation) is an important thing.” (7:42)
  3. “I’m not saying that I have all the answers here.” (20:29)
  4. “I’m open to ideas” (25:18)
  5. (Why does his tweets get the kind of attention that they get?) “I don’t know.” (26:28)
  6. (When asked to share details of his Plan B should his move to acquire Twitter fail) “For another ”
  7. “The worst business decision I ever made was not starting Tesla with just J. B. Straubel. By far the worst business decision I ever made was not starting Tesla with J. B. That’s number one by far…. I didn’t invest in an existing company; we created a company.” (32:35)
  8. “We basically messed up almost every aspect of the Model 3 production line… Everything, everything was messed up… I lived in the Nevada factory for three years, fixing that production line, running around like a maniac…living with the team. I slept on the floor so that the team who is going through a hard time could see me on the floor. They knew that I was not in some ivory tower. Whatever pain they experienced, I had it more.” (35:29)
  9. “There wasn’t any other way to make it work. They were three years of hell. 2017, 2018, 2019 were three years of long excruciating pain in my life.” (37:31)
  10. “It took me a while to understand things that most people intuitively ”
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