Cristiano Ronaldo switched home because of bleating sheep and you can’t switch home over noisy generator

What’s that supposed to mean?

Didn’t you hear that Cristiano Ronaldo just moved from his mansion because the noise of bleating sheep from his neighbour’s home unnerved him?

I saw the story. But what has that got to do with the noisy generator?

I thought you said your neighbour’s generator has been unnerving you for years?

And you think both situations are related?

Are they not?

Did you forget that you live just two houses away from mine?


Meaning that we share a brotherhood of unnerving noise, even though you want to now pretend

You didn’t have to put it that way

How did you wish I put it?

I thought you would imagine a Cristiano Ronaldo as our neigbbour

Like seriously? I’m sorry but it looks like your imagination might be running on fake steroids

You don’t have to insult me. Thinking is free. And instead of insulting me you should ask yourself when our neighbourhood will be free from the unnerving sound of noisy generators blasting from every quarter because of the failure of electricity suppliers to simply provide power for consumers.

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