Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and 2023: 7 deductions from her inclusion in TIME 100 World’s Most Influential Persons list

  1. Even though her inclusion in the list does not equate to endorsement for her to run as Nigeria’s president in 2023, there is no significant reason not to think that it is not an endorsement for her to run as Nigeria’s president in 2023.
  2. Her inclusion in the Leadership Category of Influential Persons, an area in which Nigeria and many parts of the world have been seriously challenged, further supports the argument for her to run as Nigeria’s president in 2023.
  3. Coming from a body with sizable global reach and good understanding of the key challenges facing the world today, and what may happen to the world if the right persons are not put in charge of those seemingly problematic entities, further supports the argument. Do those who wish to lead Nigeria in the next dispensation worry about, and interrogate intensely the problem of how to feed Nigeria’s ballooning population, for example? Do they know how to practically tackle the monster-in-waiting called ‘out of school children syndrome?’ Or do they know how to practically tackle the other monster-in-waiting called ‘poorly educated young people?’
  4. As important and crucial as trading is to Nigeria’s future, what is trading without significant productivity? Shouldn’t an individual whose fingers and members are in the heart of world trade and productivity move to lead Nigeria and unlock these critical instruments?
  5. As important and crucial as trade and productivity are to any economy and diplomacy, so are negotiations and bargaining skills in the efficient management of diversities. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is at home with these vital
  6. So is the ability to attract, assemble and inspire talent and the right teams to take on the big issues and
  7. As is the proven ability to track, anticipate and efficiently manage growing global
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