Why did the rioter sit in Nancy Pelosi’s chair?

Before Nancy Pelosi nko?

What do you mean?

Why did the rioters wear the uniform of the police inspectors in Lagos after #EndSARS unraveled last October?

Are we talking about the same subject here?

One and the same. You’re wondering why the rioter sat in Nancy Pelosi’s chair and sprawled his legs over her desk. You are wondering if the thrill he obviously got from doing what he did was worth the while. Also, you are wondering where to place the matter of why the institution was invaded in the first place

Beats me. And what you mentioned now about the Lagos rioters wearing police uniforms got me thinking. If they wanted the thrill of the uniforms why not enlist into the police force?

You still don’t get it. The thrill is not to wear the uniform or sit in the important chair. The thrill is the feeling of having ridiculed an object that means a lot to the persons targeted.

How does that advance the overall cause of the riots?

It never advances the cause of any riots. It is simply a thrill. Other rioters may not have been interested in the chair but what valuables they could find inside any of the drawers in her office. Just as some rioters who invaded the police stations were not interested in the uniforms but arms. Different strokes for different folks. And you must make the distinction between the two, especially with regards to motivation.


The degree of intent in the case of the rioter who goes straight to the drawers and begins to comb for valuables is much higher than the case of the one who goes straight to the chair and sits down. Just as the degree of intent in the case of the rioter who goes straight to the armory and helps himself with arms as against the others who pick up uniforms and wear them over bathroom slippers.

Your mob anatomy is fascinating

We have barely scratched the surface

Is the pursuit of personal thrill at the expense of others something to include in further investigation of the mob anatomy?

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