The brighter side (4) – malaria and other diseases are showing their solidarity with us

If anyone wanted further evidence that the times we live in are indeed strange times that person should look at the new ‘behaviours’ of malaria, fevers, cholera, diarrhoea, HIV/AIDS and the rest.

These known ‘enemies,’ have taken a ‘siddon look’ approach since coronavirus crashed the party and took away the lights we previously focused on them. They have chosen to sheath their swords, as it were. In solidarity with us. As if to say that doing otherwise would be impossible for the rest of society to cope. And leave them with the option of inevitable death. These ‘intelligent diseases’ (experts at progressive adaptation and developing reliable defences as we attack them with various medications) know it is their best interests that they don’t completely wipe out the whole of humanity seeing that the relationship is somewhat mutual; humankind being the most favourable hosts they have known over time.

Does anyone think mosquitoes are enjoying the current situation where they don’t have to ‘think’ or stress themselves before they feed to their full, considering that all the supply they need are within easy reach? Don’t we have persons who from experience, believe that mosquitoes are ‘smart’ insects that know how to get what they want regardless of whatever barrier we place on their path? Don’t we have persons who believe mosquitoes like to

‘chase’ those carrying their food? Does anyone think the insects are not bored from seeing all these mass of flesh lying about on their beds, floors, mats, verandas, or wherever else we have been sleeping since the lockdown?

With many people doing more sleeping than was the case before coronavirus-induced restrictions, is it not obvious that the insects seemingly have less work to do. No more having to chase and look hard for open flesh before they kick the proboscis into work mode.

In view of this, doesn’t the possibility exists that the insects may have decided to put the practice of ruthless feeding on hold, preferring to fast or take as little blood as possible. No need to rush and be ‘greedy.’ Having guessed correctly that this is going to be a long season (until the cure for coronavirus is found and we resume our up, down and about ways.)

The whole point here is for us to convert the positives from interpreting the current situation in light of the foregoing, into added motivation for the all-important search and push for a lasting solution to coronavirus.

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