Opportunity #6 – The opportunity to win more hearts through the demonstration of transparency, accountability and efficient use of resources #blackoctober

Many, many years ago a certain woman who lived in Joppa, named Dorcas died suddenly leaving her community in grief. Among those who felt the pain of her passing the most were widow who had been touched by her generosity and heart. She had given them hand-made tunics and coats. She had help cover their nakedness. What kinds of thoughts went through her mind while her hands worked? How fast did her fingers work when she imagined what her items would do for the widows when winter came? Where did those thoughts lead her? Who can tell if the streams of thought of the widows did not cross that of Dorcas as they cuddled themselves in her clothes? Would anyone doubt those who suspect many tears would have escaped from their positions to participate in the solemn interaction?

Clearly, Dorcas was not cajoled, manipulated or threatened to give her gifts of hearts to the widows. She simply saw the need and did what she could.

It is fitting that like Dorcas, the Feminist Coalition, that group of courageous ladies, identified an important component of the ‘struggle’ and moved to fill it. They as well as other groups organized themselves to efficiently manage the gifts and contributions that were given to the protesters to ensure no one lacked the basic necessities of food and water while they marched on. While Dorcas covered naked bodies with her coats and tunics, the Feminist Coalition covered the stomachs of protesters with tasty jollof rice and other delicacies. Generously. The meals were full and well fleshed. Testimonies abound from those who almost converted the objective of the ‘struggle’ and equated it with the ‘feeding moments.’

But the most important aspect of their work is their accountability and the fact that they have since rendered accounts of what was received, expenses incurred and what is left, the balance.

By their conduct they have demonstrated that Nigerian youths possess the critical forces of accountability and transparency, which many had erroneously assumed Nigerians generally, do not possess.

Scaling up these demonstrations is now a clear and present imperative for Nigerian youths!

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