6 takeaways from Wednesday’s hacking of accounts of billionaires Bezos, Gates, Musk, Bloomberg, West, and others

  1. We need another conversation about our inescapable vulnerabilities
  2. Yet another validation of that piercing line from the sages, which says, ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’ Unfortunately, the sages forgot to tell us how finite, limited and mortal man can keep eternal vigilance
  3. Obtaining by false pretense is becoming more audacious
  4. Greed is mutating
  5. We need to place hype and trends in perspectives; and not be completely taken in by them, there are big operations going on, away from the reach of hype and trending fingers
  6. We delude ourselves if we still brush aside David’s peerless advice that except the Lord keeps watch… the watchmen stay awake in vain.
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