4 kinds of Interceptors Nigeria currently need inspired by Netflix Interceptor – 3

The Hushai Unit – Otherwise Known as HU.

When many Nigerians talk about political leaders, they usually do not give considerable attention to those who surround these leaders. They do not give considerable attention to the ‘other people in the room’ when important decisions are being made. Yet the fact remains that ‘the other people in the room’ sometimes play more important roles than the more familiar names and faces. The ‘other people in the room’ could share perspectives, insights that may change the trajectory of a policy or program being conceived or planned, which could have devastating effects on the people.

Interceptors who belong to the Hushai Unit (HU) owe their primary function to the most popular intervention of their proverbial founder. Hushai was a friend of David, the biblical King of Israel eons of years ago. Hushai found his way into a room where certain kinds of ‘missiles’ were being considered just before their ‘deployment.’ He listened attentively and when he got his moment, chipped in the ‘neutralizer’ and the missile was prevented from hitting its target. But for Hushai’s interception, the ‘missile’ would have definitely eliminated the target.

As the political train for the 2023 elections gathers, the Hushai Unit have their work cut out for themselves.

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