Young People’s Mental Health: Why Nigeria must pay attention to the Copenhagen Mall Shooting of 3rd July

Wait a minute! Before you begin, can you show me evidence of how the authorities in Denmark reacted to what has been called the ‘Shiroro Mining Massacre’ that took place last week in Niger State, where the death toll has risen to 48? Or even the Owo Church Massacre of a few weeks ago?

Why this sudden pushback from you?

Because you are always quick to draw parallels with things that happen overseas when your own issues are staring you in the face.

Is that truly what you think of me?

My brother, I know you were moved by the gruesome murders in Copenhagen but, I’m sorry to say this, it is child’s play compared to what we have been seeing and hearing about here in

Nigeria. Didn’t you just hear in the news that the Independent National Electoral Office Commission in Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu was burnt by hoodlums some hours ago? How many electoral offices in Copenhagen have been burnt down by angry citizens?

You’re missing the point of my intervention

Which is what exactly? I’m trying to tell you that we are being swarmed on every side by insecurity compared to most countries of the world and you’re not listening to me.

I understand your point but if you do not get my own point then you should get ready for a deluge. An avalanche.

Of what if I may ask? 

How old is the young man that killed those persons at the Copenhagen Mall last Sunday?

22 years

Did the report of the incidence say he has proven mental health issues?


Can you put the two items together: his age and his mental health issues?


What do you have when there is an explosion of mental health issues occurring among young people?

Oh! Oh! Oh! I get it

I’m glad. Can we now begin the conversation?

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