What if Burna Boy refuses his mother/manager’s message to “… tone down the madness?”

Did you see how he packed out Wembley Stadium last week? The guy’s definitely on a roll

Is that the answer to my question?

Did you see what he had earlier done at Madison Square Garden? The guy is packing out the choicest venues in the world

Yet the mother/manager wants him to ‘tone down the madness?’

Leave that matter; he will not refuse her request.

You’re sure about that?

Of course. Afterall, she didn’t tell him to completely eliminate the madness. She knows he’s come this far because of some of it. She’s his mum and manager and knows him more than most people

You forget that once upon a time Beyonce and Britney Spears’ fathers knew more about them than most people; in those days when they managed the superstars.

Those are markedly different from the Burna Boy situation

Do you think so?

I know so, and before you tell me that fame gained through entertainment success sometimes rubs wrongly on otherwise close family relationships, I want you to take a chill pill.

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