Wish Grumpy Cat were still here. We are equally frowning behind our face masks

On Wednesday, we reported that late king of pop, Michael Jackson would have been very sad to see that we now smile behind face masks, hiding vital cues. It is only fair that we provide a counter point to that position. Our face masks equally mask our frowns, another vital non-verbal cue, used to communicate our disapproval, censure and discontentment of a thing or person.

Surely, this is good place to remember Grumpy Cat that died last year. Missed by millions around the world that were entertained by its grouchy expression. That signature expression, though mastered by some people, has equally been hidden behind the curtains of our masks, as it were. So whether for its censure value or entertainment value, the compulsory wearing of face mask in this season, is indeed hiding away much of those signals that enable better communication.

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