Why does the Global Fund want to end malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis by 2030 with that $14billion?

That is only eleven years away. Don’t you think it is too close?

I don’t think so. The guys there are experts with the support of some of the biggest brains when it comes to getting things done

You’re sure they will?

I’m positive they will. Do you know what I love most about the announcement that they would rid the world of the three-some terror called Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis by 2030?


They have given us another classic example of the power of goal setting. When you pick your target, like they have done, you can focus and drive your energy towards hitting it. When you go further, by announcing your target in the hearing of those who would hold you accountable, directly or indirectly, like they have also done, you increase the pressure on you to perform and deliver according to the announcement. Of course, you know that the likes of French President, Emmanuel Macron, who hosted the event in Lyon, American Billionaire Bill Gates and other notable persons at the event, have all amplified the truth about goal setting, for individuals, organizations, and nation-states, over the years.

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