What Nigerian Billionaire would put faith in a 16-year old like Tony Stark did?

My neighbour has a 16-year old son. The young man is angry that no Nigerian billionaire has expressed faith in any 16-year old, like Tony Stark did with Peter Parker, the Spiderman. I

tried to tell him that Peter Parker is not any 16-year old but he would have none of it. I asked him how many times he had watched Spiderman, Far from Home, he said three times.

“And you do not remember Happy’s conversation with Peter when he, Peter expressed doubt about Tony’s choice?

“What did he say?”

“You said you have watched it three times.”

“And I have.”

“You don’t remember hearing Happy say that the only thing Tony Stark did not second-guess, in all the years he worked with him, was Peter? He second-guessed every other thing. He was that fastidious. But when it came to Peter, he just knew. The very first time.”

“I remember now. But how does that explain why Nigerian billionaires would not show the same kind of faith in Nigerian 16-year olds?

“Stark did not have the same faith in every 16-year old.”

“But he had faith in one. Abi? Let them start with one.”

“You have a lot of convincing to do.”

“How much convincing did Peter Parker make? That’s what you adults always say.”

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