Who mourns a dead plant?

Did you notice that number 3 is pointing at something? That ‘something’ is number 1 and 2. The same plantain tree but within a space of a few weeks. My neighbour planted number 1 on the 6th of September. He was so excited on the occasion.

One week later, when he went to inspect number 1, he noticed it had become number 2. The excitement increased for him so much that did not bother checking his beloved plantain plant for some time. He was full of hope that by the time of his next inspection, he would have something more beautiful to share with me. But when he went to inspect number 2 on 10th   October, his emotions were torn between sadness and delight. Sadness because the once beautiful, promising and elegant number 2 had become number 3, completely dead as dodo!

That was when he wondered who mourns the dead plant but he only wondered briefly because a new number had announced its presence. What should my neighbour call the new number? Hope you noticed it?

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