When like Halle Berry is it ok to kill what you love?

Obviously, my neighbour had not fully regarded the advice about taking heed what one heard because no sooner had I asked the question than he started giving his answer. He had gone off, on a tangent, like they say. Hear him, “Don’t mind her. Even though I liked her performance in John Wick, chapter three, I don’t agree with her. Of course, she is an A-lister, top-notch performer every time but I completely disagree with her. You are not permitted to kill those you love, no matter the circumstance. You can never justify such actions. Human life is, and will always be sacred. How in God’s name can you kill those you love? Wrong. It is so wrong!”

“I’m sorry but…” “But me no but, it is never ok to kill those you love. Ms Berry is so wrong.”

“It’s a movie.”

“And so? You have forgotten that movies mirror society.” “You got her wrong completely.”

“What did I get wrong? I have watched the movie a couple of times.”

“And you are sure you heard her correctly?”

“Of course I did.”

“You did not.”

“Yes, I did.”

“She did not talk about killing those you love but what you love. The two are not the same. They are world’ apart.”

“You are reading more into the dialogue.” “I am not. It is what she said.” “You know I don’t like unprofitable discourse.” “Likewise.”

“So what are those things you love which you may kill as suggested by Halle Berry?”

“Some attachments.”

“What kind of attachments?” “I think these attachments are in different categories, and contexts-specific. Perhaps the context in which she made the comment might give a clue as to a specific category of attachment. Her daughter had been separated from her. Seeing that nothing she or anyone else did could save the girl, and not wanting to jeopardize her life by any rescue attempt, she sent her feelings for her daughter into the coolers.”

“Are you saying she wants us to kill certain feelings we love when we think it necessary to do so?”

“I guess so.” “Did she say how?” “I guess not.”

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