Damascus is the world’s cheapest city to live in

What am supposed to do with that information?

For someone who lives in the ‘poverty capital of the world,’ I am surprised by your answer

Am I supposed to be consoled by the new status of Damascus or what? If you scored 20% in an exam and I scored 10%, did you perform better than me?

Did I not?

Other people are discussing how Tel-Aviv became the most expensive city to live in the world and you are focused on the cheapest city to live in. Poverty of the mind is such a bad thing

I beg your pardon! I didn’t bring up the subject for you to insult me.

Apologies, I didn’t mean it that way.

How did you mean it? Does it matter whether I live in the world’s cheapest or world’s most expensive city? We agitate our minds ever so often with all kinds of issues yet we complain about the increasing incidence of blood pressure everywhere

Okay. But how do you think we should take in such information?

Let those it is meant for bother about the details. For the rest of us, having food and raiment should put our minds at ease.

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