Wanted: Music for this – Can’t rustle this!

My neighbour shared with me his sleeping moments of two nights ago. In his sleep he was occupied with interesting dreams that overlapped. The piece that stood out from the lot was the one involving his encounter with his best friend, who danced past him with his ears covered by headphones. He did not know what to make of his friend’s unusual behaviour seeing that he behaved as if he did not see him at first. But shortly after, his friend beckoned to him to join the dance. How could he dance when he did not know what music his friend was dancing to? He could imitate his friend’s movement but he needed to hear the music for himself. So he hesitated. But when his friend placed the headphones on his head, across his ears, he got his cue, and joined the dance, while his partner continued to dance even without the headphones. He woke up moments later but he could not forget the lines of the song to which he and his friend had danced.

This is what he told me:

“Can’t rustle this, Can’t rustle this

Can’t rustle me cattle, Can’t rustle this

Can’t rustle this, Can’t rustle this

Can’t rustle me cattle

I got this.”

I asked him if he remembered the music behind the lines but he said no. I was not discouraged by his answer. Because of our vibrant body of musical artists, I believe we would easily find someone who can put the right music behind these lines and get my friend dancing on this side, like he did in his dreams. You needed to have seen how his face lit as he told of his unforgettable moments in dreamland.

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