Wanted: Modern Remix of the only song by a Nigerian President

Lord we beseech your help
To guard us from the iniquities of the world

Let our country grow and be known
All over this broad earth

Let everyone prosper in it
Without fear and without persecution

Help our land find honour
Place her on the path of truth

Help her develop and become renowned
Let her be an example to Africa

Let her prosper, let there be wealth
Everywhere in Nigeria

So that we all will be people to be proud
That we are living in Nigeria

And thank God
That he placed us among the people of Nigeria

Above are the last verses from a 500 verse poem, WAKAR NIGERIYA, or the Song of Nigeria, originally written in Hausa by late former president, Shehu Shagari in 1948, when he was a teacher at Sokoto Middle School, as a textbook to tell children about their country. When he was appointed federal commissioner of finance in 1972, he was asked to prepare a new edition, which was published by the Northern Nigeria publishing Company, Zaria, for which he became very popular.

A musical arrangement of some of the verses of the song was sung at the White House Banquet given by former United States President, Mr Jimmy Carter for Shagari during his one-day state visit to Washington in November, 1980.

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