Transsion’s Tecno’s triumphant technique teaches terrific things

Successful systems often commend themselves to us as models worthy of emulation, directly or indirectly. As we find validation of those systems in attempts to replicate them elsewhere.

Chenzen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Transsion, makers of Tecno, Itel and Infinix, decided from the get-go that they would not market their phones in China. But exclusively in emerging markets. They considered it pointless selling their phones at home in China because of the presence of Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung phones and other market leaders.

That decision to sell their products away from home, supported by robust marketing has made their products among those preferred by customers in Nigeria, India and Kenya. Substantiating in the process the following key facts:

  • Give adequate consideration to your markets as you develop your products
  • Do not freeze your imagination from possibilities because of the presence of towering competitors
  • Consider unexplored territories for maximum returns
  • Since wisdom is justified by her children, as it is written in the Bible, pay more than adequate attention to the product. Let the product speak for itself, independent of marketing or endorsement
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