Towards finding the cure (2): Intelligently engage the youth, tell them the median age of Nigerians

The median age of Nigerians is 18.1 years, according to Worldometer! That is a massive statistics. Loaded with immense possibilities. Strength, for one; vigor for another. And lots more. Especially in a situation such as the current corona-virus moment, which has been dubbed as a war situation by some people. Of course, those who are the custodians of a country’s strength and vigor form the bulk of those charged with defending the country when a war breaks out.

Available statistics show that the diseases has it easy with older people than with younger people. That is, old people have little or no chance with the disease compared with much younger persons. While having an extremely young population is not the only bulwark against the rampaging plague, it sure provides significant grounds for comfort. Comfort that young people can employ their huge energy towards a great cause such as defending the weak and vulnerable in the society through responsible conduct and behaviour.

Below is the primary activity to which the glorious strength of our youths must be put at this time:
Carefully and consistently observe all the precautionary measures announced by experts for controlling the spread of the disease.

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