Towards finding the cure (1): Replace messages about coronavirus with images of our doctors, nurses and carers

On billboards, television screens and all other surfaces on which linger our eyeballs. We must now activate innovation by substitution. We must now stimulate another kind of enquiry and discourse. Instead of the almost complete fascination with the increasing numbers of those infected by the coronavirus. Do you not feel that the invasion is complete? A total saturation of every available space?

We must immediately begin to minimise the monstrosity of the plague as we push towards a change in the suffocating status quo.

Recognizing and elevating those in the frontlines in the fight against the virus is a better use to put all the energy wasted in the current panic. Expressing our faith in these heroes and heroines more deliberately and more dramatically will not automatically make the coronavirus disappear but it will probably create more ‘Eureka moments,’ for them in the ongoing fight than if we just let things continue the way they have been without amplifying the strengths of our response team.

When we give our doctors, nurses and other care givers their proper due, we excite some previously dormant activities in their neural pathways, especially those involving associations. Surely, we need those neural pathways firing as they ought as this time.

Spare a moment and pray this morning for all doctors, nurses and medical professionals attending to those infected with coronavirus.

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