The quick-thinking Palm-wine tapper

A certain palm-wine tapper once had the privilege of attending a job interview in the days where the British were the colonial masters of Nigeria. The chief recruiter took a special liking to this palm-wine tapper because he was very skillful: the way he climbed the tree, held himself up, used his knife and let the tree yield the beloved sap, was a sight the Englishman found very fascinating. He made up his mind to recruit him ahead of the other candidates, except that there was a challenge.

He called the palm-wine tapper aside and said to him: “I would have recruited you immediately but we cannot pronounce your name.”

“My name is Celina, sir,” he quickly replied. “Celina?”

“Yes, sir, Celina is my name.”

“In that case, congratulations Celina. You are to begin work immediately. Meanwhile, what is your other name?”

“Orhoworhowori, sir.”

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