The night Ikeja Electric (Ikedc) and some mosquitoes combined forces to break my neighbor’s Infinix phone

Ikeja Electric (Ikedc) had held on to power for the entire day. My neighbor had to use his fuel generator like me and others for many hours to power their home appliances, despite the unnerving noise from the machines. Just before midnight, he powered down the generator, looking up and praying that Ikedc would release electricity to his home when he travelled to dreamland.

But the flight to dreamland was delayed. The air traffic controllers were on some kind of work to rule. No action. They were not in the mood to permit any flight into dreamland. My neighbor decided to make the best of a crazy situation. He got up from bed and went to his study to put to paper some flashes and sparks that suddenly happened on the horizon of his mind. He held his precious Infinix phone in his right hand, having activated the torchlight function to light his way to his desk.

Moments later, he positioned the phone on the desk and began to punch the keys on his laptop. He was enjoying the flow of his thoughts but some mosquitoes who were intent on filling their blood bank for the night were not impressed. Had he gone to bed, as usual their job would have been easier but he chose to remain awake. They had no choice but to take the blood by force. About two or three of them flew swiftly under his left arm and bit him suddenly. “Comon,” he shouted as he lifted his arm in anger. His swift action knocked off the Infinix phone and it came crashing to the floor. The light was still on but the phone was broken.

I asked him which pained him more, the mosquito bite or his broken Infinix phone? He said it was the Infinix phone.

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