That incident where a two-year old child in Florida accidentally shot and killed his father as metaphor

What’s the most striking part of the heartbreaking story in which a two-year old child accidentally shot and killed his father? Is it the fact that it comes on the back of several reports around the world lately in which children have either been gruesomely murdered by young or old people? Or the fact that the child used a loaded gun that was left unattended by the parents? Could it even be the disturbing part that the two-year-old and the rest of his siblings will now grow without their father while their mother spends some time in prison?

Indeed, every part of the story is a disturbing piece. Yet we must not miss the wider implications of the tragedy, particularly because the incident compels us to look afresh and more deeply at some of the loaded guns, we leave unattended around our homes and neighborhoods today?

And because, somehow, it validates the argument of those who say that unattended/neglected children are actually deadly weapons? Where does this incident place the issue of abandoned/out-of-school/out-of-home-children? And who can specifically predict the shock and surprise dimensions embedded in unattended/neglected children when the triggers are suddenly pulled by God knows what?

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