Sylvester Oromoni: So that minors becoming murderers does not become a trend and a regular occurrence

It is a frightening possibility but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking it cannot become a regular occurrence. The mind is capable of indescribable evil and we have abundant historical
evidence to prove it.

From the biblical encounter between Baalam the seer and Balak, king of Moab comes an interesting story that feeds somewhat into this discourse. Balak wanted Baalam to place a curse on Israel, something like a hex, which would enable his troops to overcome and subdue the armies of Israel and make the people his subjects but Baalam would not oblige the request. After much pressure and the promise of huge material gifts, Baalam showed Balak the way! He would not curse Israel because he could not yet there was something Balak could do to achieve the same outcome as a curse would have produced: get the children of Israel to run afoul of God’s commandments and God’s protective edge over them would be broken. That way there would be no need for any external enemy to attack the nation as the destruction would come from within. It was advice dripping with the highest trappings of deviousness. Balak deployed it to devastating effects against Israel.

What if because minors only get suspended sentences or at best, slaps on the wrist kinds of sentences for murders and other violent crimes, some devious minds now target them as tools to commit murders?

Now, we cannot put everything in print. Some things must remain in our chests as we pray and do everything we can, so that minors as murderers does not become the new normal. Somebody says God forbid!

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