Jack Ma on my mind

I saw him in my dream where he affirmed to me the lesson an old man once taught a group of us: When you don’t see a man who once loomed large, don’t rush to conclusions but think. Consider. When you don’t know what to think about, look skywards. Momentarily. Can you tell if the cloud you saw the first time is the same as the one in your current view? Can you distinguish one from the other? If you can distinguish clouds, you definitely can distinguish seasons.

Do you know why you are required to look only momentarily? Life is but in moments. It is a privilege when the moments linger and are extended. And do you know why you are required to look only momentarily at the clouds? They are moving. Life is on the move, appearing and disappearing. Gifting us with moments but we cannot tell how long they may last for. Yet we can relish the memories and convert them to memorials for gratitude.

Thanks, Jack, for a priceless reminder such as this!

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