Why is the latest mutation of Covid19 described as the “worst ever?”

My brother, I don’t get it anymore. Some people don’t just believe we are scared enough. It’s almost as if the scarier we become, the more malleable we become. One can almost touch the level of fear in the atmosphere.

But these descriptions are coming from scientists and experts, those who study and track the dynamics of viruses and the best way to contain them while the rest of us focus on other things?

I know, right?

Sure. I don’t doubt their research but that label of ‘worst ever,’ must be reviewed. Haba! Or were the virologists listening to that Olamide album with a somewhat similar title during their research?

What are you talking about?

Baddest Guy Ever Liveth is the title of the album that had hit songs like Eleda Mi o, Durosoke, Turn up, and others.

Mm. You are almost like those virologists. I don’t understand you sometimes.

But is Olamide the baddest guy that ever liveth?

Why are you asking me?

Was he hyping himself or was he stating the fact?

What fact? What parameters are used to measure the baddest guys?

Does baddest guy mean the same thing as the worst guy?

I don’t think so

So, could the virologists who coined the ‘worst ever’ mutation of Covid have meant something different from what we think?

That seems to be the case because in a season of amplified fears one of the first things that die is meaning.

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