Roasted/Boiled Corn and Ube/Coconut – the product of a genius mind

Is there a better snack on Nigerian streets at this time of year than roasted/boiled corn and Ube/coconut? How many people have considered what might be the contribution of the famous pairs to the Gross National Happiness Index of Nigerian streets? How many have considered what role the inseparable pairs play on the Gross National Peace Quotient of Nigerian streets? Or the extent to which their consumption foster unity within a family during commute.

How many know for how long our fore-fathers ate roasted/boiled corn alone? Who knows when they began to boil or roast Ube? Does anyone have the record as to when the genius decided to introduce

coconut into the mix? Or when they decided to blend or combine the pairs? Shouldn’t that moment of pure genius have been recorded? How many realize we are consumers of great products of genius whose most important moments were not recorded? Alas, we are not able to give deserving awards to those great minds. Or does anyone oppose the idea to recognize some of our finest gifts from yesterday?

Would it be a significant gesture today if we acknowledge this important part of our taste heritage by verbally affirming those who bring the products to the streets and corners; those who allow us easily connect with an enduring evidence of the genius of our forefathers?

Whilst we are at it, we may go a step further to see the famous meal as a metaphor for attaining good taste and sweetness in many spheres in society.

Roasted/Boiled Corn is annual, while Ube/Coconut are perennial. Beautiful taste or beautiful anything comes from combining youth and old age. It is the verdict of history and the genius our fathers left us.

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  1. D'frenzy August 11, 2020 at 10:12 pm

    I had to go out to look for ? and ?, or coconut (forgetting it was late), while reading this. Delicious combo, delicious write up. Thank you Sir


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