Paralleling The Tragedy of Macbeth with key features of party politics in Nigeria
– Two – The ‘Consultation’ Factor

The three witches consulted among themselves to underscore the importance of the collective, although one of them spoke to Macbeth and Banquo on behalf of the other two.

If consultation is not the most important word for Nigerian politicians, what is the most important word? Winning? Campaigning? Certificate of return? Rigging? Opponent? Ballot paper? Electorate? Votes? Defeated? PVC? INCEC? Electoral observers? Voter turnout? Carry along?

Why do they love the word, consultation so? Is it because they want to be seen to ‘carry along’ everyone they consider important to their aspiration, and have ‘evidence’ to defend their position if situations of ‘treachery’ arise? Or is it because from experience, they have come to appreciate the significance of ‘carrying others along?’ There is no denying the fact most politicians value the undeniable undercurrent of wide consultation with individuals and groups that are considered vital to their political aspirations because to do otherwise is to play with fire, as they say, or using a more politically-congruent word, sabotage.

So whereas one may argue that the fear of sabotage was not a consideration among the witches during their consultation, it is definitely a major concern and motivation during consultation by many Nigerian politicians.

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