Paralleling The Tragedy of Macbeth with key features of party politics in Nigeria
– One – The Supernatural Factor

From the beginning of the Tragedy, the three witches imposed themselves in the story but planted enough seeds for doubt. These seeds of doubt were introduced so that choice would not be encumbered. And so that Macbeth will not be able to defend himself satisfactorily, where he to ever say that the three witches made him do it, if such a moment ever came.

The supernatural definitely looms large in party politics in Nigeria. Religion and its many practices seem impossible to extricate from party politics. Cases abound of politicians declaring that ‘God said he/she should run for one office or another.’ Some politicians have regaled us with tales of dreams and visions urging them to run for one political office or another. It happens during every political cycle. Sometimes, some merchants of religion assume the position of the three witches and deliver supernatural messages to some persons about aspiring for political offices before they begin. In other words, merchants of the supernatural may initiate the process of participation in politics or the politicians themselves may approach supernatural theatres to seek approval and endorsement before declaring their political intentions known to the populace, which was not something Macbeth or Banquo did. Both were walking home after successfully quashing a rebellion when the witches happened on their path with their peculiar message. But whether supernatural merchants initiate the process or are invited by politicians, seeds of doubt can always be found upon closer examination of the process. Yet, the process of identifying these seeds may prove difficult if the measure of delusion has become significant, either in the supernatural merchant or his/her prospect.

Observers of this feature of party politics in Nigeria over the years would also have noticed how inventive, imaginative most of the supernatural stories have become, from the excessively outlandish to the reasonably mild.

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