Olufemi Attah

Olufemi Attah fell in the line of duty. He didn’t waver in his duty to his family, immediate and extended. He didn’t waver in his duty to his employers, Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Limited. He didn’t waver in his duty to humanity and he didn’t waver in his duty to his God. He checked all the relevant boxes before he dropped his earthly tabernacle for the real thing!

In life, he endeavoured to give each their dues. In fact, he fell right in the midst of it. When he bid this world his final goodbye, he wasn’t lying down somewhere on his bed or sitting in one of his chairs at home when the moment came. He wasn’t at his desk in the office where he had served with distinction for years. He wasn’t on some hospital bed receiving treatment for an affliction.

Even though he had worked so hard for much of his life and deserved some considerable moment of enjoyment for his labours at some relaxation situation, he wasn’t in any situation like that. He was on the back of an Okada being driven along the famous Mile 2 Apapa Expressway in the middle of a phone call to his wife, Abisoye, his beloved wife of 14 years and mother of his adorable children Tito and Ini. Suddenly the accident happened and he lay still on the asphalt-laden road.

In the middle of a phone call.

Indeed. Femi loved to communicate and it is fitting that the Superintendent of all Destinies chose to honor him in his passing by taking him home whilst he was faithfully occupying that duty position (the command to ‘Occupy till I come’ having already been branded into his DNA).

The afternoon before his passing he called me to ask if I knew any unemployed young persons in the Ijegun area of Lagos who didn’t mind working in an organization that paid 35k/monthly. He specified Ijegun because that’s where the organization is based. He said it was little money but for persons who lived in Ijegun, it could put recharge card/data money in their pockets, which could be very important when used wisely.

Femi was like that. Many of us will miss him. Except his Maker

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