#Liam Neeson’s The Marksman as a Metaphor series 7: Stick with those you can give a chance

When a top marksman subscribes to a cause, it is for the long haul because he’s been arrested by the bug that would not leave him until those weak persons, he can give a chance are within a thoroughly safe precinct.

Are there many in our world with vastly limited chances today? Are the regular and typical attempts to stick with such persons fraught with ease or frustrations and disappointment? Don’t the persons themselves, sometimes wish not to be helped because of the condition of how far removed they have been from the shores of what’s possible? Isn’t this particular element the most difficult for top marksmen? The little boy proved difficult initially, thinking Liam as an enemy and resisting his attempts to help. Until he saw the light.

Liam’s action of selflessly sticking with those he could give a chance resonates strongly with persons in search of straight sticks, instead of crooked sticks. Straight sticks are persons, like Liam, who though possessing the cure/solution/escape, etc do not use it to apply it in ways that undermine the dignity of those targeted. Crooked sticks are persons who would bend any situation for their advantage, including compromising the wellbeing and safety of those they could give a chance.

Therefore, his intervention as a top marksman in the saga, pointedly reminds us of what’s missing in many situations where the absence of top marksmen has made it appear as if all the territories only belong to prowlers, abusers and crooked sticks. But for Liam, many may never know how much the world owes selfless top marksmen who step forward from time to time, to show the difference.

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