Know any owner of the 1,100 Porsches in the ill-fated Felicity Ace that caught fire last week?

My brother, it was so heartbreaking. It was not just the 1,100 Porsches, there were other luxury cars including over 180 Bentleys. Even though I don’t know any of the owners directly, I feel bad about the accident. But why do you ask? I thought you were more interested in understanding what’s pushing President Putin of Russia

I am but I am still processing my hypothesis in that regard. It’s the size of the Felicity Ace that got me thinking more deeply

What about the size? It’s a cargo ship and cargo ships are usually big.

I know but did you know that Felicity Ace is a 200m, 60,000-tonne cargo ship?

What’s unusual about that? Its builders built it big for a reason

So did the builders of the Titanic

Oh, come of it, my friend. Please stick with the subject and always compare oranges and oranges; not oranges and apples. Felicity Ace is a cargo ship while the Titanic was a passenger ship

I know the difference

Quit worrying yourself; there is insurance in case you have forgotten I know there is insurance and I know the amount will be very huge And what are you going to do about that?

I don’t know

Then why bother?

Because of a nagging feeling

About what?

What else can we do about super-big projects/machines, apart from insurance?

I don’t know. What do you think?

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