Are there eschatological dimensions to Putin’s current moves with regards to Ukraine?

My gut feeling tells me there are but that is all.

Is it your gut feeling or a reasonable deduction from the many commentaries on the implication of a Russia-led invasion of Ukraine and the retaliatory actions it will likely provoke from NATO and others?

Call it whatever you like. Something tells me that this singular matter is significantly altering the structure of the world like no other in the recent past, and those changes currently going on behind the scenes, will remain for a long time

Yet you say you’re a believer in the ‘change is constant’ dictum

I still am. Change is here right now. You are changing; I am changing. The manifestation may suddenly burst forth as shoot from the ground or they may linger for a while before they show up. But they always will. When I said that global changes that have been triggered by Putin’s current actions will remain for a long time, I do not mean that those changes will not themselves change as time passes. They will. They may even mutate.

Your language is unclear. Can you be more specific?

Ok, here is what I mean. Russia definitely has the world in a corner. Putin’s moves and the reactions so far from the rest of the world confirm this position. I only wish I know what the Watchers are saying

The Watchers?

Yes, my friend. I wonder why the owners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have not seen the need to share the stories of the Watchers with the world

You have started your random musings again. You can do that when I’m gone. What have the watchers got to do with the MCU?

A lot but that’s a discussion for another day. Pray, tell me what is the one thing about the Watchers that fascinates you most?

The simple fact that we are not alone! That there are other interested parties apart from the geopolitical leaders who always dominate the headlines

You know this yet you do not see why the owners of the MCU should bring the stories of the Watchers to our screens?

I think I’m beginning to get your drift

Ah, Ah, please I don’t want to drift, I want to be alert. I want to watch and pray!

Mm, Mm. You mentioned the Watchers! Now you say to Watch and Pray

You’re welcome.

Wait a minute, was that what you were going to tell me about the eschatological dimensions to Putin’s current moves with regards to Ukraine?

You’re welcome.

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