Kebbi Fried Chicken, KFC – Finger-licking of the people, by the people and for the people

I went to Birnin-Kebbi, capital of Kebbi State last Sunday. As I made my way to Saffar Guest Inn, where I lodged for three nights, I could not help but notice some of the exciting meal merchants by the road side in Geese, Phase 1. They had these big frying pots over large open fires, in which they fried yam, chips and chicken. I stood to observe the spectacle and saw there was indeed a system around it. Some kind of division of labour. There were those who cut and garnished the chicken with local spices; those who did the actual frying; and those who got the fried chicken ready for customers like me. Customers whose nasal defences had been breached so easily by the pleasant aroma.

Kebbi Fried Chicken, KFC, not only woos her suitors with her aroma. She mesmerizes the air with the ginger-coated offering, waiting to ginger her customers into a thrilling experience. And when the tender flesh graces one’s palate, it feels like a textured caress. And the taste?

There is no scorner around. Everyone is sold. The idea. The promise. The preparation. The experience. The verdict: Oh, Kebbi Fried Chicken, KFC, made a huge splash with me.

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