I was wrong; our favorite tomato says it’s not going away anytime soon

The day before April Fool’s Day, when I observed our favorite tomato plant, I concluded that it was on its way out in a matter of a few days, and did report that conclusion here the following day but yesterday when I observed the tomato afresh, I concluded that I was wrong!

Looking closely, I observed the signs of fruitfulness with little yellow flowers appearing on some branches. That’s not the only significant observation. When I wrote about the tomato the last time, there was just a single strand bearing all the leaves. Today, there are two additional strands while one strand has withered. Remarkably, these two strands are literally looking up, standing straight, defying gravity yet.

Remember that this fascinating display is coming from a tomato plant with only concrete for company, without earth, a limiting wall and no care-giver that regularly nourishes it with water.

Do you know anyone currently speaking the language of this remarkable tomato plant?

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