How many agree with Denzel Washington’s primer on what happens when you deal with a liar?

In the movie, Equalizer 2, inimitable American actor, Denzel Washington during a captivating dialogue with the gullible Ashton Sanders, which lasted for approximately two minutes, thirty-two seconds, provided viewers with a primer on what happens when you deal with a liar. Here is the gist of his emotion-laden outburst to Ashton:

Hidden in the heart of many people who grow their influence by harming or killing those they have labelled as enemies and obstacles to the achievement of their dreams, is the desire to rob the impressionable of their innocence and simplicity. Then bring them under control. So that they can be their footmen in their quest to spread their control and influence further. They employ manipulation of emotions, faulty logic, provision of temporary pleasures and suspicious assurances as ready tools of recruitment. The recruitment process is soon complete when another one bites the dust. Either Ashton himself, or any of ‘those stopping him from making progress in life.’ That would have been the easily predictable trajectory for Ashton before Denzel broke the sequence, and turned him on to another path.

How many agree with Denzel’s primer on what happens when you deal with a liar?

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