How did they get Lawrence Fishburne when he believed he did not leave any footprints that could be traced?

Short answer: He was suffering from the delusion of presumption

Long answer: (In his role as the Bowery king in the third instalment of the John Wick movie), Lawrence Fishburne got carried away by his own inventions.

Hear him: “Welcome to my mission control, brain stem of my operation. The information superflyway, from whence I control the word on the street, the way of the word… You see rats with wings but I see the internet. No IP addresses, no digital footprint. Can’t track it, can’t hack it, can’t trace it.”

He got carried away by his own feelings of invincibility, which was fuelled by the feedback he received from those who saw his as unbreachable. Those loyal to him from the streets, which he assumed was all that mattered. They projected that feeling to him and made him think his methods were fail-proof. He became drunken on his own prescription. He was high on presumption, which became his eventual undoing and nemesis.

Does anything else dog the steps of great, influential and successful people more than the shadowy presumption?

How many know those who identified it early on in their journey and effectively insulated themselves against its intoxicating brew?

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