Get your foot in the door through personal initiative – a silver bullet from Dr. Charles Omole

Dr. Charles Omole did not exactly put it in those words but they summarize one of the top nuggets he made available on Sunday evening when Senior Pastor of Covenant Nation, Pastor Poju Oyemade interviewed him on the currently vexatious Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) matter.

He was not speaking specifically on entrepreneurship as the interview came to a close, but something he said about an initiative he took weeks ago, looks like a silver bullet for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hear him: “Few weeks ago, when the infectious Disease Bill came out, I felt that bill was not the right Bill. So, I went through the entire 70 pages of the Bill, making all the changes. And I put it out there. Within 2 to 3 days, I got contacted by somebody from the Office of the Speaker.

About a week later, I looked at my phone in the morning when I woke up. It was the Speaker himself on my phone…”

Below are posers revealing the nature of Dr. Omole’s use of personal initiative, otherwise known as silver bullet in this case:

What if Dr. Charles Omole did not make out time to read the entire bill? (Discipline)

What if Dr. Charles Omole did not have the intellectual and capacity to analyze the Bill (Skill and knowledge)

What if Dr. Charles Omole only read the bill, noticed the ‘weaknesses’ and only talked about it in his different circles? (Focus)

What if Dr. Charles Omole only talked about his own ‘constructive response’ to the Bill and did not write it down? (Strategy)

What if Dr. Charles Omole did not get his ‘foot in the door’ by putting his thoughts out there? (Intelligent Action)

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