Dear President Buhari, all Excellencies and persons of considerable power, there’s a way to douse the anger!

It’s an epic recommendation from the sages of the past. One that is best implemented through the prism of ‘Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.’ The stories may come out in social media many years from now but for the time being, they cannot appear in social media. I am sorry but they cannot be part of any press briefing, Your Excellencies. News hounds who get a whiff of the stories, will certainly push their biggest buttons to get the scoops to break the stories but the time for breaking the stories will come later. Not now.

But what is this epic recommendation?

“A gift in secret pacifieth strong anger: and a reward in the bosom strong wrath!” – Proverbs 21:14

This cannot be bribery of any kind because if justice is a gift needed to douse the strong anger expressed by an individual or group, and a bribe is offered instead, it amounts to a contradiction knowing that a bribe is that given to pervert the cause of justice.

Is there is a one-size fit gift that can pacify the general anger in Nigeria today? I reckon the sages would not think so. Which throws up the challenge of first, identifying the hearts of the angers, then listing the gifts that match or fit each anger. This is real intelligent work!

The sages assumed that before the giver embarked on his mission, he had it on good authority that the gift(s) in question would douse the strong anger if given in secret. So, the mission was one based on vital intelligence. It was based on secrecy. Can’t help thinking of Keanu Reeves in the 47 Ronin as I muse over these matters. Whereas the gifts are so important, the team or group to carry out the assignment may need to watch Keanu Reeves and his cohorts as part of their preparation for the important assignment.

In fact, the team’s composition, skills, abilities, competences, experiences represent the first gift in the list of gifts that may douse the strong anger coursing through the country.

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