General Hassan Kastina – when a governor could not have the land he wished for

It happened. In this same Nigeria. A governor could not have the land he wished for. He wanted to but the permanent secretary in charge of lands told him he could not. His name is General Hassan Katsina. He was Governor of Northern Nigeria. He applied for a plot of land but was denied. He was told that as Governor, by law, he was the custodian of the lands in the state. He was supposed to manage all lands for the benefit of the collective, for everyone in the state.

The permanent secretary advised though, that he could apply for land when he was no longer Governor of Northern Nigeria. And unknown to him, after his exchange with the ministry, the permanent secretary instructed that a piece of land appropriate for his status be identified for him. The Certificate of Occupancy, C of O, was prepared and placed in a file, to be given to him the day he ceased being Governor of Northern Nigeria. That is what happened. When he applied for land after leaving office, he was given the documents, which were signed by his successor in office. It was a considered a contradiction in the spirit of that which is right for him to have signed that document allocating the land to himself.

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