Christopher Plummer, Lateef Jakande and the longing for a special kind of music

Christopher Plummer and Alhaji Lateef attained the status of legends while they were still alive. Both passed away at 91 but not before making a significant number of persons move and dance to their peculiar sounds of music. What kinds of music did they make? The kind that seemed to come from afar bridging the distance between genius and need. And here lies the peculiar strength of their music. It conquered distance and space. It moved swiftly, borne by cooperative waves to many pairs of waiting ears. Soothing with their melody and their messages. While expanding the audience of thrilled and satisfied hearers with the more compositions they yielded from their repertoire.

Most persons in their audience did not need to have direct association or contact with both Mr. Plummer and Alhaji Jakande before enjoying their kind of music. Whether nearby or far away, they provided quality yields for their targets. They gave thought and energy to their output. They knew some things the critics said but for the sake of delivering the greatest good to the greatest number, they took the criticisms in their strides, undaunted by the negative energy.

At the end of the day, they provided us a roadmap as to the kind of music those opportuned by providence with high office, calling and means, should compose. The key element in this roadmap is a rigorous consideration of what constitutes the greatest good for the greatest number and an unshaken commitment to providing them tangible, transforming and transformational experiences from the accompanying beats.

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