Chidinma: a prime paradox paraded by life

From one of the world’s top destinations for those passionate about paradoxes, comes another top offering: Chidinma! Served on a platter one can hardly associate with the essence of the name. For Chidinma means ‘God is good’ yet in the matter of the recent murder of Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga the bearer of that name is now being associated with something so dark and evil – manslaughter and theft.

The parents must have named her Chidinma to affirm God’s goodness to the family; memorialize a moment of God’s intervention or to solicit God’s goodness upon the bearer as she makes her way in the world. Whatever their reason for giving her such a name, they were in a good place when they made the decision. They were in faith. They were in confidence. They were in hope too. Alas, events of recent days would have badly shaken their faith, confidence and hope. Such that it is doubtful if the current stream of events would allow them remember the circumstances that influenced their decision to name their daughter Chidinma.

The name Chidinma would now be mentioned every time the murder of Usifo Ataga is discussed. Not many would pause to ponder the contradiction, every time this happens but will there be a bigger paradox than this, when they do? Can any good thing come to Chidinma’s parents from these unfolding events? What kinds of images would they begin to form in their minds when they mention their daughter’s name? Is there any chance that the real meaning of the name will disappear completely from the unfolding saga? If the real meaning of the name continues to hover in the background of their minds whenever the name is called, might it become a silver lining for the parents as they contemplate what happened to their daughter? Could this be why some persons have advised the parents to continue to call the name, Chidinma, especially when they are alone, regardless of how the case goes? How
convincing is the argument of those counselors that the constant, unceasing mention of the name could create some kind of detour down the road?

There is no logical way in which the constant mentioning of Chidinma will change the facts that one who bore the name automatically conferred widowhood on a lady in Abuja, and fatherlessness over her children with the attendant disruptions drawn by the new status. Yet, if there is anything those at the receiving end of this sad story desperately need at this time, it is the goodness of God, in its peculiar manifestations, whether as justice, comfort, healing, closure, renewal, restart, etc. Chidinma!

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