Celine Dion and the postponed Europe tour – when good news is ‘very slow and frustrating’

Many people can relate with Canadian Superstar and Grammy Award winner Celine Dion’s recent announcement that her planned Europe tour has been postponed because of challenges relating to her health. She apologized for changing the dates but admitted: The good news is that I am doing a little bit better, but it is going very slow and it is very frustrating for me.

She went on to appreciate her fans for their understanding and loyalty, two critical intangibles for moments and seasons when good comes slowly and frustratingly. Her fans have gifted her these important gifts in an important moment in her life and her discerning mind, having identified the gifts, has moved to appropriate them.

Who else is experiencing good that is coming slowly and frustratingly that may do with some understanding and loyalty today? Let them remember that the harvest of these intangibles usually follows a season when honesty was sown and invested in relations with others. Those who must harvest understanding and loyalty must sow loyalty in previous encounters. That’s the pattern the cycle follows. And Celine Dion who gifted the world with the monstrous hit song My Heart Will Go on in 1997 knows too well that the heart cannot go on without honesty!

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