Billie Eilish – A Tale of “Babies”

She emerged suddenly on the horizon and ‘babies’ poured from different corners of the world to admire her genius and craft. It was a rewarding association between the 19year old and all the babies, many of them teenagers and many more young adults and others no one can place in those categories.

While the babies were rewarded with exciting colours, tunes, and bounce, Billie was rewarded with global recognition, cash and a new mojo. Thanks to the last item the quality and character of the association began to evolve. As every relationship experience when any of the parties acquires a new mojo and typically discounts the previous years when mutual respect was the default position of all.

The inevitable consequence of this new development was that some babies found it difficult to process, because of their displeasure, something Billie decided to hang out on a basket for their viewing during what was supposed to be a pleasure ride on her train.

When they jumped off her moving train as a vote of their disapproval with and displeasure with the what was put up for their viewing, Billie called them ‘babies,’ while laughing loudly at the whole scenario. Some of the babies, especially those much older than she is, old enough to be her grandparents looked at one another when news broke of how Billie reacted to their action. They did not need to say anything. The message was clear enough especially to those who understand the meaning of the Yoruba word, Kii ṣe ẹbi rẹ.

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