Opportunity #3 – The opportunity for youths to convert the vote of confidence by the older generation into widespread structural tangibles #blackoctober

Who would deny that Nigerian youths surprised many by the character of the #EndSARS movement? Who would deny that some significant voices from the older generation, speaking for their different circles of influence, offered these youths their vote of confidence? Many of them admitted that these youths finally did something they wished they did but which they never found the courage to do. They were particularly impressed by the staying power and intellectual heft of these youths. Somehow, they believed these youths could do it. They still do, in spite of the hijack.

This vote of confidence is significant and should be converted into widespread tangibles for the benefit of every Nigerian. Beginning with extensive and rigorous investigations of all that went down. Government is doing its part in gathering relevant data for important policy decisions but those who hope to convert the vote of confidence by the older generation must do an independent and extensive postmortem. To identify the important takeaways resting in the ashes. One obvious takeaway is that youths must begin an early start towards the next election cycles in 2023.

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